1080 Discussion

We would love to hear your opinion on the use of 1080 in New Zealand.

Especially if you have a story to tell, or have facts to back up your argument.

If you would prefer to keep your comments off the blog site, you can e-mail them to us directly at 1080documentary@gmail.com


17 Responses to 1080 Discussion

  1. Carla says:


    I had a craft stall at the weekend and the lady in the neighbouring stall had an entire stall full of possum fur goods. Rugs, hats, gloves, socks, it was great. Possum fur is so warm- my father reckoned they were the warmest socks he ever owned.
    Now I realise possum fur crafts are not going to solve the possum problem as effectively as 1080 could; but one thing the stall lady said got my attention- if the possums are killed by 1080 they can’t use their fur for their crafts.
    I just wanted to know why that is- does it get into the fur of animals??


    • Andy says:

      It’s not so much that 1080 poisoned possums can’t be used for their fur. As i understand it, in order to collect the fur it is easiest when the possums are still ‘warm’ i.e withing no more than a few hours of them being killed so this is easiest done with traps/shooting etc.. With 1080 it can take too long to locate the possum because they move around after ingesting the poison and so fur removal is very difficult.

  2. LimeArrorry says:

    Amazing, I did not heard about that up to now. Thx!!

  3. Nathan says:

    Hi there, I was quite convinced by the arguments put forward in the Graf brothers’ film ‘Poisoning Paradise’. Does your film refute a lot of what they say?

    • nomadpeter says:

      Hi Nathan,
      Our aim was to produce something that we feel is an informative, balanced viewpoint of the 1080 debate.
      We have allowed people on both side of the debate to put forward their opinion, and also given some information from scientists about certain aspects of the discussion.
      We hoped to communicate the main issues to the general public, who in my mind have previously been swayed by over dramatic media headlines, and the miscommunication of scientific information. Or aim was not to say whether 1080 is right or wrong, but to give the public the basic information, and hopefully encourage them to find out more for themselves.
      I agree that the Graff Brothers do make some convincing arguments, but they only really show the viewpoint of one side of what is a very complicated debate. We do not specifically refute anything that they say, but we have tried to be as impartial as possible, and the feedback we have received suggest we have achieved that.
      Happy to send you a copy. ($16.95 to cover production cost+ Postage)
      just e-mail me your address to badwolffilms@gmail.com

  4. Kate says:

    The way I see it, Clyde & Steve Graf have shown the “other” side of the 1080 issue in Poisoning Paradise as “the people’s” answer to the million dollar glossy brochured propaganda put out by 1080 proponents, which incidentally is paid for by our taxpayer money and farmers levies. These government departments of course have their own agenda – a multi million dollar business to keep the possum projected as an evil threat against our country. This is grossly exaggerated beyond belief and if you look at genuine (overseas) studies of possum diet you will find no birds found in their stomach contents, just a few insects.
    If you take time to look at all the evidence provided by both sides you can make up your own mind.

    • Jarrod says:

      @Kate “if you look at genuine (overseas) studies of possum diet you will find no birds found in their stomach contents, just a few insects”

      I am unsure as to what yo mean by “genuine (overseas) studies”. Are you suggesting that studies conducted in NZ are not reliable or are somewhat doctored? There are a number of studies that clearly document possums consuming bird eggs in NZ. In addition, it is also likely that rats would consume 1080 bait which, are undoubtedly a serious threat to native birds.

      • Student says:

        Possums definitely eat birds eggs. But that isn’t even the only issue. Possums thrive in our climate here in NZ and their populations would increase rapidly if just left, allowing the shear numbers to destroy our forests, which happens to be the habitat of our native birds.

      • brian habberfield says:

        Can Kate explain how the costly and difficult problem of protecting our native species and habitat becomes a ‘multi million dollar business’? In the same way that that paying for policing is a ‘multi million dollar business’? hospitals are a “multi million dollar business? The Graf brothers, whos’ agenda is hunting introduced mammals for fun, have not shown the ‘”other” side’ of the story. They have shown a skewed and doctored their side of the story, in an effort to impede the efforts of our environmental and scientific agencies to alleviate a very serious environmental problem.

  5. Nick says:

    I’m a more than a little concerned with the conviction of some people after watching one film.
    Its a scary thought that they can be so easily convinced with one side, and so close minded to other versions of the story. This kind of blind conviction is how the likes of hitler convinced everyone around him, and his country to commit war crimes and attrocities against his own people.

    Lets watch this film and stack up the arguments from both sides before we jump to conclusions. I haven’t seen it yet, but anything would be better than the dangerously overhyped and dramatised film produced by the graf brothers.

    When I read some of the flying accusations and wild claims being made by the opposers it just reinforces how drastically misinformed and hysterical their arguments are getting. For example suggesting that possums are an exagerated threat to prop up a 1080 industry is quite the claim! Perhaps those who believe that should pay a visit to many areas of NZ that have been ravaged by possums, to see the destruction caused first hand. Then maybe they will see what they stand to lose by allowing possums to go forth and multiply in some of the last remaining tracts of NZ’s relatively unscathed native forests.
    Our endemic forests and the birds within them are a national treasure, they are a part of our identity, without them we are just another island in the pacific. NZ, who cares..just another part of britain isn’t it? Lots of farms, not alot else going for it..
    thats the way we’re heading if we stall current efforts to prevent further biodiversity loss at the hands of introduced mammals and predators. There are many well reasoned arguments for 1080, and from what I can see, lots of hysteria and often questionable arguments against. 1080. Its not the silver bullet, but it certainly is something. As much as the concerns are highly worth bringng to attention I don’t think an outright ban is worth even considering until we find a better way of controlling possums and rodents in NZ.

    I get the feeling there is somewhat of a self reassuring culture occuring in the hotbeds of this debate, notably on the West Coast of the Sth island. If you’re seen to not believe in their side of the story over there, you must be the enemy.
    Thats going a bit far now isn’t it?

    This has become a war of propaganda by those opposing 1080. And scaremongering is the oldest trick in the book.
    At least I hope this film sits on the fence and weighs up all sides of the argument. It would be a refreshing change.


  6. Emma says:


    You hit the nail on the head. The Graf Boys film is the most biased and one-sided ‘doco’ that I have ever seen. I’m sure they are only concerned that there are less deer for them to kill themselves.

    NZ is unique and worth protecting.


  7. Lolliepop says:

    Hi, we are writing a persuasion and we are against the fact of 1080 poisoning because it killing wildlife and little kids could eat the poison and die..

  8. nomadpeter says:

    Hi, We welcome comments from both sides of the debate on this site, especially ones that are inciteful and help advance the discussion.
    We will not however allow rude or personal comments, which is why I have not published one or two of the recent comments posted.


  9. TheKookyKiwi says:

    What strikes me as interesting in this particular debate is not whether 1080 is good or bad, but the fact that the issue of alternative applications is curiously absent from discussion. 1080 advocates are quoted in several media forums as saying “it’s not ideal but it’s the best we have”. Really is it? In this day of scientific advent, surely we cannot combine the delivery features of 1080 which appear to be cost effective and readily applicable with say reproduction inhibitors, rather than poison. This is purely my opinion and is based entirely on an idealistic notion but if they can put chemical sterilisation into a drug for other animals, then why not for possums?

    Would welcome any constructive comments on this aspect of the debate.

  10. Kenneth Lloyd Hanson says:

    I read all the pro’s and cons about sodium monoflouroacetae (compound 1080) stated above and unfortunately it appears as though the pro lobby are short on facts and full on rhetoric. Let me say that I have comprehensively studied 1080 for some 25 years, observed several 1080 aerial drops, been in the bush before, during and after these drops. I have seen the results, spoken with hundreds of people from both sides of the fence, appeared at several hearings, given evidence to the Erma Commission (an absolute farce), I also have been involved with some of the filming of Poisoning Paradise here in Marlborough, been a possum hunter
    to help feed my young family at the time, interviewed some of the top possum hunters (one of whom has caught and sold in excess of 500,000 possums and seen only two with suspected Tb – an ex Pest worker whom knows TB too!). Why is it that birdlife absolutely disappears from any area that aerial 1080 is dropped-1080 destroys most that’s why! Look at Stewart Island where cats and possums are present! It has the most prolific birdlife with KaKa, Parakeet and Kiwi’s prevalent ! Possums are only a dollar earner for DOC, AHB , Ospri etc as a means to get taxpayer dollars. There is an alternative and that’s trapping! During the $20 a skin era hundreds of thousand s of possums were caught in the most remote areas of our back country with Hughes 300’s being used to access those high ridges. The baloney that DOC state about inaccessible areas is just that (baloney) . There is not one area that hold possums in New Zealand that cannot be covered by foot. It seems rather ironic that after 25 years in Search & Rescue recovering people fro DOC land I never saw or spoke to a DOC employee on any Search. It makes one wonder whether they can get off the tarseal doesn’t it!
    I have proof , photo’sand factual information to back up my claims

    • nomadpeter says:

      Hi Kenneth, as moderator to this site, I am happy to publish coments from people on both sides of the 1080 debate.
      However, just so other readers can qualify your comments, could you please explain what your qualifications are when you say you have “studied” 1080 for 25 years. Does this involve statistical surveys of any kind? Would be good if you could provide some of the factual information to back up your claims as well if possible.

      This is not a slight against you, or your comment.I just want to ensure that anyone using this site for fact finding gets the full information from people where available, or understand that many, or most of the comments on this forum are peoples personal opinions and often not based on scientific evidence, which is often very difficult to come by, and often, due to the nature of ecological studies, not very conclusive.
      Thanks for your contribution.

  11. Wiseman. says:

    This is the most informative site here that I’ve ever read on 1080, most evidence points towards its dangerous and that it should not be used in aerial droppings http://www.inchem.org/documents/pims/chemical/pim494.htm#14.0

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