1080 back in the news

Well with the government decision to continue to approve the use of 1080 in New Zealand, the debate continues on, several years after we made our film.
Good to see that people are still passionate enough to voice their opinions on the forums.

The debate will continue to rage until a “suitable” alternative is developed. What that alternative could be is what causes a lot of the debate.

If you are visiting this site because you know little about the 1080 issue, then I welcome you to watch our short 24 minute documentary. We aimed to produce something that would get neutral people thinking, learn more for themselves, and come up with thir own decision without just jumping on the bandwagon of which ever piece of propaganda (from either side) grabs the headlines that week.

We have had as many people say our film is PRO 1080 than have said it is anti 1080, so I reckon we have done a good job.

If want a copy, (Only $12 including P&P) or know of anyone who you think may be interested, please e-mail me at badwolffilms@gmail.com

Keep the comments coming, but please note, As impartial moderator, I will veto any comments that are excessively vitriolic or make excessive claims that cannot be backed up with some sort of evidence.


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