Countdown to Premier and ODT stardom!

I am back in  New Zealand still suffering from Jet lag, but arrived back in sunny Dunedin to watch a test screening of our film on the big screen at the regent.

Steve has done a great job with the sound track and it now looks and sounds like a proper documentary film.

After showing the film to a few people we are happy that we have achieved our initial aims.

There are a lot of documentaries around at the moment that are very biased towards one side of an argument, and almost try to sway the opinion of the audience to the viewpoint of the film maker.

Our aim was to produce balanced viewpoint on the 1080 issue, and give the audience enough information to either make up their own mind, or encourage them to go away and read more about the issues and facts about 1080, rather than forming an opinion based on anecdotal evidence and media headlines.

We know that we will not solve the 1080 debate with this film. I personally believe that the issue has gone past the point of resolution and there will always be people on both side of the argument who stand true to their beliefs whatever information is presented to them.

There will be some that think our film is biased, either for or against the use of 1080.

But hopefully a lot of people will feel more informed about 1080 after watching our film.

We welcome any feedback from anyone who get to see the film, either at the Premier on Saturday (Regent Theatre, Dunedin, 7pm, Sat 21st Nov), or on DVD later in the year.


We have also just been interviewed by the Otago Daily Times, so look out for our mug shots in the next couple of days!


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