I have been reviewing some of the comments  posted on the “public opinion” page and they  show how strongly people feel about this topic, which is as we expected.

However I am concerned that a couple of them have begun to get a bit personal, and I do not want this site to end up as a arena to air personal grievances. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you wish to present an argued case against any comments posted then that is fine, as long as they do not get personal or aggressive.

This site is intended to allow people to raise any concerns they may have with the use of 1080, and to present any information that they believe backs up their argument, and I thank all those that have contributed in a constructive way.

I can understand that some people are angry about certain aspects of the 1080 debate, but we do not condone this anger being expressed in a personal manner, and in future we will edit or remove any comments that I believe to be overly personal,  vindictive or in any way slanderous. (and will be asking some of the comments already posted to be reviewed)

What the 1080 discussion needs and what we hope to show in our film and encourage on this site is that people need to listen to the information presented on each side of the argument, talk to people about it, and then make up their own minds. Shouting at each other, or trading insults will not change anything.

I encourage people to continue to use the site to present their arguments, recount personal experiences, and communicate information.

Keep talking!




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