June 16, 2009

Snow Joke

Ok, apologies for no updates, but at the moment planning and carrying out filming is taking prescident over writing Blogs.

Last week was spent organsing a road trip to Christchurch, 7 people to interview, as well as some zebra and a bird or two… (Zebra??? – All will be revealed in the film!)

But, you can never plan for the weather, and this morning we woke up in Dunedin to this:

Snow on Stuart Street, Dunedin

Snow on Stuart Street, Dunedin

A nice layer of snow over a layer of ice! Living at the top of one of the steepest streets in the world made the idea of setting off on the roads a very foolhardy one.

No problems I thought – In the back of the car is an unopened box with strange Japansese instructions – Snow Chains!

20 minutes of trying to figure out the strange pictorial instructions, I finally realised that the chains were too small for the car! So trip postponed for today and hope that tomorrow the roads out of Dunedin will be less treatcherous, and we can crawl our way to Christchurch.

The unexpected weather does give me time at home though, and thought I should spend some of it updating the blog.

Since Steve’s last entry, the script development has been put on hold, and we have been full go on filming. Because our film is heavily interview based, our script will develop a lot in the editing phase. We have been out filming several interviews with people from both side of the 1080 debate. Our story took us across to Haast on the West coast of the South Island, where there is a strong feeling against the use of 1080, so plenty of people to interview on both sides of the issue, as well as a chance to get some shots of the stunning landscape, and get some strange looks as we sat next to the river with a laptop doing timelapse shots…


We knew before starting this project that the topic we have chosen is a very emotive one, but that has been drilled home over the last couple of weeks filming. We have heard some emotional and remarkable accounts from both sides of the debate, and been lucky enough to get some of them on film.

Sad tales of Dogs dying from 1080 poisoning, as well as tales of anonymous threats made to people who use 1080 in their work.

I find it difficult to understand what people hope to acheive from these threats, apart from generating more anger. I believe that the people that we have interviewed who are against the use of 1080 would not condone such acts, because all it does is give them a bad image, and undermine the message that they are trying to get across.

But it shows how much anger and emotion there is in this issue.

The big melt

Just looked out the window, and it has stopped snowing, so hopefully we can make it to Christchurch tomorrow for a frantic few days filming. We are already up to 12 hours of interviews and footage. I reckon we should be up to 18-20 hours by the time we have finished.

18-20 hours of footage, that we need to edit down to 24 minutes!! Thats what the next couple of months has in store!