Our first interview!


Hurrah! We have finally gotten of our butts and picked up a camera! After months of script writing (which is still going by the way), it was a nice change to behind the camera again. The shoot itself was an interview with Greens MP Metiria Turei who shed some light on her party’s official stance of the use of 1080 in New Zealand. Apart from the ever-unpredictable sun (note to self: never film a interview outside again haha!) casting weird highlights that lead me to stare at the sun with the ND filter, the interview went well. Metiria was a pleasure to interview and never once looked at the camera (which is rare when you interview a newbie) but seeing that she is a politician I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. This week we also experimented with a few ‘special’ effects. Not going to completely give away what we have been doing but it involves a chilling bin, thermos, and some bee keeping equipment! Haha confused? Great! Watch this space for the results. I would also like to remind people that we have the pole still running and would love to get more peoples opinions on 1080, so pass this blog around and helps us understand how the public feels!


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