Opinion Poll

Even though we still have many people that we need to talk to for our research, we need to start deciding how to tell this story.

We are starting to pull together a “shooting script” for our film. This is a written document describing a combination of the images that will appear on the screen, and the words/sounds that will accompany them.

This is always an iterative process – many versions and alterations before we get to one that we feel will tell the story how we want it to be told.

One of the hardest things with this topic is deciding which areas to leave out, or to cover in less detail. It is a huge topic – everyone we talk to gives us another 5 people we should talk to, and each one throws up ideas and opinions. Unfortunately we only have 24 minutes, so have to decide what to focus on.

We have added an opinion poll to the Blog. We already know that there are some people who have strong feelings either for or against the use of 1080. However, what is the feeling amongst the general public? I am not suggesting that this will give us scientific data, as opinion polls always have their issues. But it will be an interesting exercise non the less.

Please take a minute to cast your vote – click on the “1080 Opinion Poll” link at the top.


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