How do you storyboard if you cannot draw?

April 27, 2009

Ok first I must apologies for the lack of updates. The last couple of weeks have been rather hectic with Pete being sick (British immune system go figure) and me being stuck between various odd jobs for people. But we are both back on track and raring to go! The script is of course being reworked and reworked which has of course lead me to believe that scripts are never finished but are rather an ongoing exercise in frustration. As soon as you allow someone to look at them they seem to distort and any gapping holes become apparent. Kind of like a moviemaker’s version of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principle…(resounding sound of nothing but a lonely cough)…um right so I guess I’m the only one that reads about quantum physics in my spare time. Ok word of advice, if you think you are finished and you enjoy that feeling of completion, then it pays to not show it to anybody! We learnt the hard way and showed it to our EP Peter Hayden, our lecturer Ian McGee and filmmaker Rod Morris. 3 people, and three different sets of feedback! We shouldn’t complain because they identified some gaping holes we had missed and as much as I wished our script to be finished, in the long run this feedback is nothing but helpful…documentary tough love! So back to the drawing board, but on a positive note we have done enough progress to do some story boarding…Hurrah! That means I can pick up a camera soon! Which leads me to the title of the blog. I love art and I wished I could draw something more substantial than stickmen in compromising positions. It is probably the reason why I became a photographer or what the art world calls: Painters that cannot draw. So below is an example of my storyboarding technique, basically draw something to seem like I have done work and then scribble it out and replace with words…brilliant if only my high school art teacher could see me now. That vaguely animal looking figure is in fact our possum we shall soon be filming, with a green screen no less! Watch out Hollywood! Another exciting development, Pete has just order 5kg of dry ice (insert evil maniacal laugh here)…what will it be used for? Ha-ha wait and see, all I can say is this is going to be fun!




Opinion Poll

April 2, 2009

Even though we still have many people that we need to talk to for our research, we need to start deciding how to tell this story.

We are starting to pull together a “shooting script” for our film. This is a written document describing a combination of the images that will appear on the screen, and the words/sounds that will accompany them.

This is always an iterative process – many versions and alterations before we get to one that we feel will tell the story how we want it to be told.

One of the hardest things with this topic is deciding which areas to leave out, or to cover in less detail. It is a huge topic – everyone we talk to gives us another 5 people we should talk to, and each one throws up ideas and opinions. Unfortunately we only have 24 minutes, so have to decide what to focus on.

We have added an opinion poll to the Blog. We already know that there are some people who have strong feelings either for or against the use of 1080. However, what is the feeling amongst the general public? I am not suggesting that this will give us scientific data, as opinion polls always have their issues. But it will be an interesting exercise non the less.

Please take a minute to cast your vote – click on the “1080 Opinion Poll” link at the top.