March 26, 2009

There is little doubt in my mind now. Film-making is a tough and long undertaking, more so when the topic is what many would consider a proverbial minefield. Many long nights have been spent staring at my computer screen in an effort to force a fairly ‘balanced’ story onto paper. With the 1080 controversy, we are finding we have to tread lightly and my usual instinct to dive into the mess with all the tact of a bull in a china shop probably isn’t the best plan of attack. That being said it has now been several months of tough, confusing and in many cases contradictory research. This research however has been fruitful and with each day our story has been taking a more coherent shape. Once the story has finally been nutted out we hope to start principle photography in the next month, which is great because I have been dying to finally get behind the camera where I can let my creative juices run so to speak.

Interesting enough, the 1080 controversy like any topic that involves health and politics has been diving in and out of the spotlight for the past 6 months. Just in the last couple of weeks a proposed aerial drop of 1080 in the Hokitika has been stopped and changed to a ground based operation after the local council protested to the AHB (animal health board). A recent segment on Campbell Live showed that we are not alone in trying to make a documentary about 1080, with the Graf Brothers of Hamilton premiering their second documentary about the poison. Hopefully this film will create some publicity for our film “Necessary Evil” and we wait to see what the brothers have come up with.

Just a reminder to all that read this blog, we are still actively researching and would love to hear from anyone regarding their own personal experience with 1080. Feel free to either leave us a comment or to email us at

Steve Ting