1080 the DVD

‘1080’ the DVD is now available.

Price at $20 + P&P ($1.95 for New Zealand)

(Sorry, prices have just gone up to cover increased costs)

To order, please send a cheque for $21.95 made payable to Peter Holmes to:

P O BOX 5588

Moray Place

Don’t forget to include your address!

Or send an e-mail with your address to badwolffilms@gmail.com and we will pass on bank details to do a bank transfer.



5 Responses to 1080 the DVD

  1. Dave says:

    Would you mind telling me who provided the funding for your dvd on 1080 poison please????

    • nomadpeter says:

      Hi Dave, I did reply to your previous link, bt maybe it didn’t get through:
      We were given a very small budget by the University of Otago to make the film as part of our Masters in Science Communication course at Otago University. We used resources provided to us by the University. Thankfully all those who participated in the film, from both sides of the debate, were very helpful and gave up their valuable spare time. Without their time and help we could not have made this film.
      We are paying for the production of the actual DVD’s out of our own pockets.
      No funding has been received from any other organisation, from either side of the debate.
      I was completely neutral when I started researching the film, having only been in NZ for 4 years. Our aim was to produce what we believed to be a balanced viewpoint with no agenda. We intentionally do not end the film with a clear right/wrong message, but hoped to inform the general public more about the issue and to encourage them to go and find out more so that they can come to their own informed decision.

  2. Tarsh says:

    Kia ora..

    Is there anywhere else that this doco can be purchased?


    • nomadpeter says:

      Hi Tarsh,
      Only available direct from us at the moment. We would love to get it into shops, but its not easy for independant film makers.
      If you send me an e-mail at “badwolffilms@gmail.com” I will send you an e-mail on how to pay. As soon as we receive payment (by cheque or bank transfer) I will get a copy to you in the post as soon as.
      Unless you live in Dunedin, in which case, happy to meet up, or deliver one if its not too far!

      P.S. We would love to hear from someone who is interested in selling for us.

    • nomadpeter says:

      Hi Tarsh,
      not sure if I replied to you or not on this one. We are looking at getting some copies into shops, but its very difficult for independent film makers to achieve that. PLus if we did, the stores would probably add their own costs. So the easiest way is to get a copy direct from us. Only $16.95 including Postage.
      just drop us an e-mail if you are interested. badwolffilms@gmail.com

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